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Therapy - Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Progressive Pediatric Occupational Therapists help children become successful in the many "jobs" of childhood, including play, self-care, school performance and social interactions. Therapy with an Occupational Therapist (OT) is designed to seem like play to a child while addressing the developmental skills needed for success in a child's daily life. The development of these skills is critical for the transition into the requirements of independent adulthood. Our occupational therapists are highly trained in sensory integration, therapeutic listening, handwriting, improving fine motor skills, and treating neurological conditions in children. The OT team draws upon extensive training in these specialty areas to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at enhancing upper body strength, eye-hand coordination, and tolerance to touch and movement, as well as, improving feeding and self-help skills. Occupational Therapy at Progressive provides evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

Fine Motor/Handwriting Skills

Sensory Integration

Motor Planning

Oral Motor Functioning

Self-Help Skills

Adaptive Equipment Modifications

Environmental Adaptations