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Progressive Pediatric Child Care (PPCC)

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Our dedicated teachers and assistant teachers attend to infants, toddlers, two year olds and preschoolers to provide the highest level of care, social-emotional preparedness and pre-academic skills in our multi-disciplinary center. Our inclusive model caters to typically developing children as well as children with special needs.

We utilize a team-based approach to programming and care. Children are immersed in daily adventures of hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that foster each child’s optimum participation and social, emotional and developmental growth. We use the following curricula to govern and guide our instruction.

Conscious Discipline®

An excerpt from “Conscious Discipline® Building Resilient Classrooms” (page 16) by Dr. Becky A. Bailey

Conscious Discipline is based on a Brain State Model that empowers us to shift from educational systems grounded in controlling others to cultures of learning based on safety, connection and problem solving. Conscious Discipline is organized around the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults that help the adult to manage her internal state (safety), the creation of the School Family that utilizes connection to foster cooperation and optimal brain development (connection), and the Seven Skills of Discipline that empower the adult with strategies to teach children to self-regulate and problem solve (problem-solving).

Watch this video to learn more about Conscious Discipline Skills

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The Creative Curriculum®

The Creative Curriculum uses Objectives for Development and Learning (ODLs) to outline the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are most predictive of school success. We utilize the ODLs as our foundation for planning activities to serve our students. Thirty-six of the objectives are organized into nine areas of development and learning:

  1. Social-Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Language
  4. Cognitive
  5. Literacy
  6. Mathematics
  7. Science and Technology
  8. Social Studies
  9. The Arts

Beyond Centers and Circle Time and Beyond Cribs and Rattles

Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) is a play-based curriculum. Children learn through play, thus we have to structure and scaffold experiences for the children to engage in that foster learning. We incorporate the philosophy of BCCT in how we scaffold: the environment, the pre-play experience, the individual child and the post-play experience. We use the four kinds of play outlined in the BCCT curriculum: Sensorimotor, dramatic, construction and games with rules.